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Black Horses 24hour Dinner 21.3.2016

Dear friend,

We are happy to invite you for the annual dinner of Black Horses.

To the courses of this dinner every participant will contribute with a personal piece of speculative production. When things meet - things change meaning. The dinner seeks to be the stage for encounters and accidents.

Your contribution can be anything of your choice and be presented in any way you can imagine within the setting of the dinner and as part of the theatre of things. The setting of the dinner consists of a table and chairs within which you stage your speculation. Think of it as being amongst plates and cutlery, red wine and meat sauce.

Black Horses 24hour Dinner:
19:00 First Course/ An introduction.
21:00 Main Course/ A theatre of things.
00:00 Dessert/ Pustekuchen
03:00 Digestive/ walk
04:00 Teatime/
12:00 Breakfast/ building
14:00 Random afternoon program

Best wishes,
Black Horses

Black Horses 24hour Dinner
Screen shot from The Cabbage, Triftstra├če 19A, 2016. Halle (Saale). Gamborg Magnussen The Cabbage by Gamborg Magnussen
Black Horses 24hour Dinner
Black Horses 24hour Dinner